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Your primary sexuality strength is


only 12% can boast of this

Energy Passion Self-Regulation Mindfulness Energy Passion Self-Regulation Mindfulness
  • Energy
  • Passion
  • Self-Regulation
  • Mindfulness

Passion is the main source of your strength, energy, emotional uplift, and mental clarity.

Your natural creativity feeds on erotic dreams and fantasies and develops through bringing them to life.

You are at the peak of your sexual activity and need to freely express your desires with partners through sexual experimentation and admiration from others.

Your resource distribution chart

Your energy level


Your sexuality level


Your self-regulation level


Your mindfulness level


Meet your primary strength

You are always working so hard, trying to stand out and win the others over. It seems so exhausting! You regularly run out of juice, and recovery takes quite a while. The time has come to take care of your body and see how well you enjoy your pleasure (maybe through masturbation or with a caring partner). This will help you assess the situation and inspire you to change your life and have more joy!

In your personal and professional life, you have learned to do the right, socially acceptable things, but you still do not know if you actually like it. It seems that your way of life has formed through obediently following the instructions and demands of other people. In sex, this can mean a certain repression of your sensuality, confusion, and infantilism. There are partners out there who enjoy this trait of yours, and if you are married or are in some other more or less committed relationship, your partners are well aware of and have accepted your tendency to want to be led. But it is worth considering whether this situation really suits you. It may seem to you that you are obligated to perform some tedious duty, which neither fully reflects your desires nor arouses you in the least. When sex resembles a job, even a very useful and well-paid one, it is just sad.

You enjoy the trust of people of all sexes and genders. They willingly cooperate with you and, if necessary, offer their support. Because of that, you have no shortage of candidates open to entering into an intimate relationship with you, should you so wish. You are acknowledged in your role as a desirable love object. Only your own prudence and attention to the sensations of your body can stop you from multiple and promiscuous liaisons. You prefer reliable partners and are “virtually monogamous,” although, of course, you are not a stranger to light flirting, which makes your life brighter.

Feeling blissful

Bliss and joy of life – that’s your motto! You know how to enjoy sex and the world around you, and orgasm has become your shining beacon guide from the very first time. You instantly pick up the signs of arousal and know how to get your pleasure. Your imagination helps you create perfect moments of passion. Health and sexual desire become the crucial indicators of your wellbeing.

Onward to joyful adventures!

When, where and with whom to have fun?

Your thoughts revolve around these questions! You are forever looking for the perfect occasions to flirt, going to parties and meeting new people. Never forgetting about comfortable places to have sex, you find that new places only ignite your desire!

In your own eyes, you are magnificent if

You are fabulous when you feel sexually attractive. When the people you like notice and pay attention to you, it fills you with confidence and lifts your spirits. You consider this “slightly charged” emotional upsurge normal and want to keep it up in your daily life.

Why not start every morning with flight and freedom? If you rarely get to feel like this, it can cause frustration and a desire to drastically change something – find a new partner, alter the situation, move, or change jobs.

A boring life is not for you!

The beacon flickers on and off

You may be going through tough times these days, which takes an emotional and physical toll on you. Sometimes you feel overwhelmed and not in the mood for sex, but if you find the right and passionate partner, everything may change in a blink of an eye. But you are not in a hurry to look for them because you believe it is not that easy. Sex can take a lot of energy from you, and you may need time to recover.

As a partner, you may be vulnerable, so at times, you try to fake your emotions to save your face. But internally, you don’t really want to hide your feelings. At such moments, your mood may take a nosedive, but don’t worry – this too shall pass. If you would like to continue having sex, try looking for ways to arouse and satisfy yourself to cheer yourself up.

Self-exploitation... nothing criminal?

You truly know what your sexual partners want and need. When you are full of energy, you gladly satisfy them, which may even bring you joy. After all, being around satisfied people is very nice! It’s just that from time to time, you would really like one of them – be it one of your partners, friends, colleagues, relatives, or acquaintances – to feel you just as well as you feel them, and the same applies to sex. And not that they would just feel you, but that they would voluntarily do something for you.

But most of the time, this doesn’t happen. You find it difficult to ask or even talk about your needs and wants. You so expertly do your job making people feel good, without waiting for your own pleasure, and you play your role, to which you consciously or unconsciously agreed earlier, so flawlessly that it doesn’t even occur to your partner that something is not quite right for you. You fully realize that if you suddenly start asking or demanding something for yourself, people would be very surprised and likely have no idea what to do in such a situation. And you are apprehensive about putting others in an awkward position.

Admiration and submission

You are fascinated and captivated by the “great ones.” Check and see if you get aroused around those you admire. You know how to marvel at people sincerely – and this is a rare gift that others willingly take advantage of but don’t always appreciate. And you are also amazingly attentive and able to obey, knowing what exquisite pleasure obedience can bring to someone who loves to command and knows how to do it. This quality is why you usually have excellent relationships with your work bosses and dominant sexual partners who assert themselves at your expense.

Most of the time, you let them get away with it, although you do hope that their attitude towards you will change, since you believe that your contribution is evident and undeniable. Usually, you end up waiting forever because your partners mistake your obedience for pleasure. To be fair, you yourself tend to view your contribution as necessary so that the “nice” people around you do not get angry and stay happy. In sex, this can be dangerous because “nice” one-sided relationships are easy to get used to. Admiration for an attractive partner brings arousal and can guarantee you their affection for a time. But if you always end up having to fulfill their desires in bed, eventually you will get exhausted, no matter how much energy you have or how delighted you may have been at the start of the relationship. Even if you know how to rest and recuperate, sooner or later it will become obvious that such a one-sided game leads nowhere. You rest, recover your energy, and start a new cycle of something you don’t really enjoy – a zero-sum game.

Sex is always about something bigger

You enjoy the trust and support of all sexes and genders. Finding a partner for an intimate relationship, when you want one, is never a problem. You are recognized as an alluring love object.

However, your prudence and attention to how your body feels help you avoid promiscuous and numerous sexual ties. You prefer reliable partners, and it can be said that you are “virtually monogamous.” But, of course, you don’t mind a little flirting that makes your life brighter.

Sex as a symbolic experience

You differentiate between your own feelings and pleasure from sex and your partner’s contribution to your enjoyment. You like to evaluate yourself and your partners in your respective abilities to give each other pleasure. You appreciate the approval and positive feedback about your sexual encounters: they give you confidence and calm in bed, perhaps even filling you with a sense of power.

For you, sex always means something bigger. You know how a relationship will change after the first night of intimacy and how it will evolve based on your actions. Although this approach may seem mundane, you rely on your fine intuition to keep the relationships you want and avoid the ones you don’t. Your predictions often come true, which only proves that you are right. You also know how to put an end to a relationship, if necessary.

Strengths parties:

  • Vibrant sexual self-expression and allure.
  • Willingness to plunge into sexual escapades headfirst, with dramatic intensity, on the verge of despair.
  • Unquestioning service to a partner, knowledge of their needs, ability to give what they want and satisfy them.
  • Understanding your advantages in relationships with partners and willingness to look for someone to whom your heart will belong.

Vulnerable parties:

  • A tendency towards self-centeredness, fixating solely on your own pleasure in the course of your sexual adventures.
  • At times, negative outlook on everything that has to do with sex, up to revulsion and impotence/frigidity.
  • Over-focusing on the desires of a partner can lead to the risk of losing touch with your own needs and pleasures.
  • The risk of settling down and not caring enough about your success in love and work.


You are exactly where you need to be!
You pursue a free and independent lifestyle that embraces not only your sex life but also your work and life strategy. Use your ability to feel aroused and channel it for maximum pleasure.

Continue to listen to yourself and express your feelings. Your forte is your senses, your emotions, and your ability to let them out. It’s like a one-person show where the audience comes to watch a great actor perform. Don’t worry if your style isn’t perfect for everyone. What’s important is that they come, listen to you, and appreciate you. Develop your mastery and enjoy it along with others.

Listen to yourself, make a choice, and stay with it
Sometimes you feel that your self-expression and excessive arousal exhaust you, and that your health and work consume so much energy and attention that you can no longer make the best decisions.

When that happens, every time you face discomfort, challenge, or obstacle, try stopping for 10 seconds and ask yourself: which option is better? And when you have made your choice, simply state the fact that you have made a decision. It is important to understand that the very fact that a choice has been made, that you have gained clarity, will help you feel better. Gradually, you will get the hang of making decisions based on your desires and needs, which will help you do and get what you actually want.

March towards new horizons!
Whenever you choose a new direction in life, two things happen: new people take notice, while some of your old acquaintances may not approve.

Your brilliance and uniqueness can be useful even to those who do not deserve it and are not ready to help you achieve your desires. That said, in such an environment, you will not have the support and approval you need to move forward effectively. Are you ready to part ways with those who use you and find those who will accept you for who you really are? Then follow your decisions, and test their validity in practice, even if it may be dicey. Your risk will only be justified if you are honest with yourself and take reality seriously. Allow yourself to enjoy following your impulses and name each of them out loud. This way, you will quickly realize where your desires are leading you and will be able to better plot your course among like-minded people and avoid those you dislike. To find out what you really want and with whom to travel this path, you will need lots of courage.

Seek solo pleasure
If a partner's presence makes you self-conscious or forces you to focus on them rather than yourself, introduce a practice of regularly masturbating in a comfortable setting, without witnesses.

Fill your solo games with abundant fantasies and variety until you recover your natural orgasm and the ability to climax whenever you want. Maybe erotic films, sex toys, and even friendly sex with someone who understands you and is ready to support you will help create the right atmosphere. You know how to trust your body, so rely on it to bring back your natural joy in life and trust in yourself and the world.

Talk about the important stuff
At the next stage, once you reclaim your orgasm, you can share with your partner those caresses you give yourself. Believe me, most people can give their partners pleasure as good (or almost as good!) as you give yourself.

This will require slightly unusual communication: a description of what you like and what gives you pleasure and, ultimately, a climax. Learn to share the outward signs of your pleasure – let your partner see you and be aware that you are seen in your pleasure. You may have to alternate between masturbation and regular sex if your partner is not a quick study or is not willing to do what you are asking for.

Your reference point will be the influx of vitality and vigor, the feeling of wellbeing in your body, and high spirits in your soul. If your partner or partners do not like the “new you,” it’s time to say goodbye. When serving people, deep down, we know whether they deserve our service or not. If you are stuck in a relationship because of external circumstances or habit, seek a psychotherapist’s help and free yourself from this addiction – whether it’s caused by love or social situation. Expanding your sensory repertoire is worth it in any case – this will help you remove internal blocks and reconnect with yourself!

In sex, you are not the only beautiful one, n'est ce pas?
Your self-esteem in sex is impressive – you know exactly what you need and how to achieve climax once you set out to make love.

Don’t forget to express your gratitude for the pleasant moments to your partner and talk about how you bring joy and pleasure to each other. Exchange your sex secrets and details to expand your boundaries. Be curious and actively communicate! Let it become your new hobby and even sport. Confidence and satisfaction in the erotic field are what makes both of you true masters.

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