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Energy Passion Self-Regulation Mindfulness Energy Passion Self-Regulation Mindfulness
  • Energy
  • Passion
  • Self-Regulation
  • Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the main source of your calm and wisdom. As applied to your sexuality, it creates a sense of curiosity and excitement.

People see you as a figure of authority and mystery. It is entirely up to you how you will use this image. But in doing so, keep in mind that others tend to look up to and rely on you.

With that, don’t forget that your erotic potential is just simmering below the thin surface of your restraint and respectability. You are well aware of when and how to let it rip, and this is probably why you tend to suppress your sexual urges far too often. Because sex is just a small part of life for you, you pay a lot of attention to other people, contexts, and situations that offer an opportunity for pleasure.

For you, sexual congress is not just the means to scratch an itch: it is a way to find meaning.

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Meet your primary strength

You frequently get the urge to break out of your routine. At such a time, many plans and projects go by the wayside just because you feel the need to break loose and plunge into the vortex of passion. This impulse may also be caused by your personal, social, or professional need to prove something to someone. In sex, this tendency manifests in volatility, decisiveness, and even a certain kind of anguish, which, on the body level, translates into tension and hyperarousal. You turn a blind eye to the opinions of others and are ready or compelled to fully express yourself (and sometimes this expression may even turn out a little more dazzling than you’d wish!). This center-stage role often takes you a lot of effort and even an internal struggle, but you go for it as if this is your only opportunity to be seen. This conflicting nature of yours may prove attractive both to creative, extraordinary partners and to conscious or unconscious manipulators looking to get more than they give.

At the peak of arousal, you see things more clearly and can truly freely go after what you want. Moreover, this impulse doesn’t end with just sex for the sake of sex. You are able to harness your erotic phantasies in making important life decisions: your relationships, friendships, work. As a rule, your spontaneous and natural intensity, your playfulness and curiosity appeal to people. You know that you are making the right choice – and this brings more confidence to you and your partners. You look like a lucky dog and, apparently, are one!

You attract the attention of many sexual partners, and this is important to you. However, sometimes, you suddenly lose your vigor at the peak of excitement. This can disappoint you and startle others as you are seen as a leader, a tireless party organizer, and an erotic idol. At times, it appears that your own body, emotionally overloaded, is letting you down, refusing to participate in your plans!

Origins and foundations

Your life story is filled with intriguing experiences each of which played its role in making you the sexual being you are today. Even if you haven’t tried absolutely everything there is out there, you may safely consider yourself an expert of your own sexual pleasure.

To be perfectly honest, many extravagant scenarios that you once have dreamed of now do not seem so enticing. You have allowed yourself to focus on a finite number of partners, positions, and exciting accessories that bring you the most pleasure. The feeling of renewal and energy boost after good sex brings you joy and a sense of wellbeing. If no partner is around, you can easily pleasure yourself without feeling that this is a worse, inadequate or sinful option. Prudishness is not your thing, certainly not in bed. You never let anyone’s opinions on yourself or your sex life affect your self-esteem or ruin your pleasure. Simply put, you do not believe that anyone’s opinion matters in such a deeply-personal area as your sexuality.

You know yourself well enough to easily navigate the calm seas of well-deserved wellbeing on a graceful ship of your “nearly attained” sexual dream.

Contradictory allure

When it comes to moral issues and your relationships with people, your life is plagued with doubts and inconsistencies. In your sex life, you often feel the desire to have pleasure and fully express yourself, even if you question the prudence of such actions. You ponder the meaning of this way of life, and these thoughts take up a lot of your time and energy. On the one hand, you feel like an experienced and confident person who deserves to get everything you want while also practicing restraint and balance.

On the other hand, external circumstances and temptations prevent you from reaching your goals, and you find yourself struggling to achieve things you see as important. Your sex appeal lies in your unique blend of confidence and passion. You are attracted to both calmness and intensity. But not everyone can decipher the reason for this attraction. You are busy building your life, but you are also ready to take risks for the sake of new adventures.

Sometimes, you get confused, not knowing who to be with. This inconsistency may attract partners who are eager to take advantage of you and are just looking for new experiences.

What is next?

Inner balance and the challenges of passion

Your fortitude and inner balance are subjected not only to outbursts of passion but also to moral and ethical tests. Your sexual partners often rely on you to solve everyday problems, leaving you to worry about welfare. As long as you are interested and have the energy, you accept such a distribution of roles. However, it is worth considering how healthy this arrangement is for you. You may be used to being the one to correct the errors and missteps of others, but this may undermine your sex life. Sometimes you may feel like a rabbit worrying for absolutely no reason.

Some partners may consider you reserved, while others may feel threatened by your passion. You are looking for a person who will accept you in all your manifestations and be open to discussing them. Perhaps it is difficult for you to find such a person at present, and you are content to find partial understanding with different people. It is also possible that, due to your internal contradictions, you are simply not seeing a partner who could accept you for who you are and co-create the harmony you deserve.

You feel fabulous if…

You are magnificent if you feel hot. When the people you like notice you and pay attention to you, it fills you with confidence and lifts your spirits. You consider this “slightly charged” emotional upsurge normal and want to keep it up in your daily life. Why not start the day with flight and freedom?

If you rarely get to feel like this, it can cause frustration and a desire to drastically change something – find a new partner, alter the situation, move, or change jobs. A boring life is not for you!

What is next?

You know how to pick the right direction

You have learned to make decisions based on what pleases and suits you. When you trust your intuition, you are often lucky – both in relationships and in sex. A decision about a partner made on the fly – whether to come closer or pull back, to agree or decline to have sex – most of the time turns out to be the right one. This skill is crucial in almost all areas of life, from the choice of clothes, places for dates, relaxation and flirting, to the life-work balance.

This is how you are able to maintain enough energy and strength for pleasure, which makes you a very hot and attractive partner. You can restrain your sexual impulses in order to end up with more pleasure, avoid unnecessary risks, or cool someone’s passions. Thanks to this, you can add new experiences to your sexual repertoire as it becomes more varied and exciting.

Take the lead in sex? Why not?

In your daily life, you make quick and confident decisions, which attracts people to you. But in sex, you tend to be more careful and expect someone else to initiate. You can test the resolve of your partners and sometimes even refuse sex if you do not feel too confident in the situation.

For you to really want to have sex, a partner must have certain undeniable advantages, and the setup (time, place, and circumstances) must be favorable. If everything is in order, you can be very passionate and creative in bed, and a partner who is lucky enough to be with you at that time will be consumed by your erotic imagination and the power of your sincere feelings.

Ran out of juice?

It appears that after everything you’ve experienced, the energy just drains out of you. Even if you look like a tireless organizer and energetic doer to the rest of the world, you know what a heavy burden this persona is to maintain.

After a well-spent party, you’re used to feeling empty and wondering if it was worth the effort. Maintaining this lifestyle just for the sake of your reputation and image, so that others would appreciate you, or to please sexual partners who are used to having you take care of everything – all this has become meaningless!

Strengths parties:

  • Vibrant sexual expression and attractiveness
  • The ability to make choices in favor of your desires and follow them in practice
  • The ability to passionately experience the moment and lead others in the direction of enjoyment

Vulnerable parties:

  • Feeling exhausted or suddenly losing energy during your sexual adventures and/or work projects`
  • There may be uncertainty about the significance of your role in relationships with partners, often the need for their leading role in order to complete the enterprises initiated by you and even achieve orgasm
  • Reduced ability to self-regulate, manage resources of health, money and time

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