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Your primary sexuality strength is


only 8% can boast of this

Energy Passion Self-Regulation Mindfulness Energy Passion Self-Regulation Mindfulness
  • Energy
  • Passion
  • Self-Regulation
  • Mindfulness

Passion is the main source of your strength, energy, emotional uplift, and mental clarity.

Your natural creativity feeds on erotic dreams and fantasies and develops through bringing them to life.

You are at the peak of your sexual activity and need to freely express your desires with partners through sexual experimentation and admiration from others.

Your resource distribution chart

Your energy level


Your sexuality level


Your self-regulation level


Your mindfulness level


Meet your primary strength

You are always working so hard, trying to stand out and win the others over. It seems so exhausting! You regularly run out of juice, and recovery takes quite a while. The time has come to take care of your body and see how well you enjoy your pleasure (maybe through masturbation or with a caring partner). This will help you assess the situation and inspire you to change your life and have more joy!

Such a loss of energy can shock you, sometimes making it impossible for you to experience pleasure or even leading to illness. To recover and be back “in the saddle” again, you need time and/or special care from your partner. You may have to choose between keeping the “show” going as planned, that is, to continue engaging, managing the processes, and even maintaining your sexual activities, and actually enjoying what’s going on! Unfortunately, you’ve managed to pretty much get used to such a state of things and now see the energy drain as a natural occurrence. This is dangerous for your sex life in that you may unconsciously begin to avoid sexual relations, seeing them as too exhausting, and justify it with certain reasons of morality, all while also judging your more erotically active partners.

Relying on some moral authority, you act as if from a sense of duty. In sex, this can mean some kind of compulsion, i.e., following sexual obligations without desire. You may feel undervalued by partners but tend to take it as a matter of course.

Feeling blissful

Bliss and joy of life – that’s your motto! You know how to enjoy sex and the world around you, and orgasm has become your shining beacon guide from the very first time. You instantly pick up the signs of arousal and know how to get your pleasure. Your imagination helps you create perfect moments of passion. Health and sexual desire become the crucial indicators of your wellbeing.

Onward to joyful adventures!

When, where and with whom to have fun?

Your thoughts revolve around these questions! You are forever looking for the perfect occasions to flirt, going to parties and meeting new people. Never forgetting about comfortable places to have sex, you find that new places only ignite your desire!

In your own eyes, you are magnificent if

You are fabulous when you feel sexually attractive. When the people you like notice and pay attention to you, it fills you with confidence and lifts your spirits. You consider this “slightly charged” emotional upsurge normal and want to keep it up in your daily life.

Why not start every morning with flight and freedom? If you rarely get to feel like this, it can cause frustration and a desire to drastically change something – find a new partner, alter the situation, move, or change jobs.

A boring life is not for you!

The beacon flickers on and off

You may be going through tough times these days, which takes an emotional and physical toll on you. Sometimes you feel overwhelmed and not in the mood for sex, but if you find the right and passionate partner, everything may change in a blink of an eye. But you are not in a hurry to look for them because you believe it is not that easy. Sex can take a lot of energy from you, and you may need time to recover.

As a partner, you may be vulnerable, so at times, you try to fake your emotions to save your face. But internally, you don’t really want to hide your feelings. At such moments, your mood may take a nosedive, but don’t worry – this too shall pass. If you would like to continue having sex, try looking for ways to arouse and satisfy yourself to cheer yourself up.

Failing is not sexy

Your unhappiness with yourself because of a supposedly low job performance or weakness undermines your self-confidence and the sense of being sexually attractive. You have begun to get used to the constant energy drain and living with fatigue. Sometimes, the topic of sex can even annoy you, and the state of your health or lack of energy can fill you with fear and uncertainty. It seems that your inner high standards and, possibly, external circumstances and environment demand that you do the impossible. Sensuality, beauty, sex, and desire may seem like the “vestiges of the happy past,” mere memories…

Your strict inner judge, social conditions, or someone’s external authority do not allow you to turn the situation in your favor. Feeling like you’re giving in to life’s relentless demands can be poisonous, and at such times you may even deny yourself all joy and pleasure, not seeing friends, ignoring lovers, and not even masturbating. It’s like a naughty child being punished by an angry and tired parent who, having gotten pissed off at work, now takes it out on the kid for absolutely no reason. You use this mechanism to push and force yourself into doing what you must, all the while forbidding yourself any enjoyment.

Moral standards and obligations

It looks like you may have consciously or unconsciously adopted a strict moral code and accepted the obligations that may restrain you in your relationships with other people. Perhaps you have contemplated and harshly judged your own sexual expressions, or, conversely, your environment and life experiences have shaped your worldview.

You may feel obligated to do various things for others, or “to atone for sins,” even if you don’t feel guilty. You may perceive your part in the sexual satisfaction of others as “work” that does not receive due recognition from your partners. You do it well, but you get neither reciprocity nor full pleasure from sex.

Strengths parties:

  • Vibrant sexual expression and attractiveness
  • The ability to make choices in favor of your desires and follow them in practice
  • The ability to passionately experience the moment and lead others in the direction of enjoyment

Vulnerable parties:

  • Feeling exhausted or suddenly losing energy during your sexual adventures and/or work projects`
  • There may be uncertainty about the significance of your role in relationships with partners, often the need for their leading role in order to complete the enterprises initiated by you and even achieve orgasm
  • Reduced ability to self-regulate, manage resources of health, money and time

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