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Your primary sexuality strength is


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Energy Passion Self-Regulation Mindfulness Energy Passion Self-Regulation Mindfulness
  • Energy
  • Passion
  • Self-Regulation
  • Mindfulness

Energy is your main source of understanding the ebbs and flows of sexual potency and you know how to follow them.

You are a lucky optimist. Your sexuality springs from the feeling of natural energy and openness to the world.

For you, sex is a natural part of life that only logically follows a healthy body’s impulse to stay alive in all situations.

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Meet your primary strength

Thankfully, you’re not the only one who feels an influx of arousal as something joyful and inspiring. Whether consciously or not, other people feel the same, only they are often scared to admit it to themselves. You, on the other hand, do not see anything wrong with expressing your drive almost as directly as you are experiencing it. Trust in your sexual impulse, combined with an almost childlike spontaneity and charm, distinguishes you from others.

You tend to be too hard on yourself, judging your openness. Don’t worry about how others perceive you; don’t be ashamed of your feelings. Let go of stereotypes and moral principles and enjoy life to the fullest!

Relying on some moral authority, you act as if from a sense of duty. In sex, this can mean some kind of compulsion, i.e., following sexual obligations without desire. You may feel undervalued by partners but tend to take it as a matter of course.

Your physical resource is everything to you!

You may have noticed how much your sexuality as well as your actions and moods depend on your physical strength, health, and the level of energy.

If you believe that this is true for all people, you are not entirely correct. In your case, the wellbeing of your body is a prerequisite for any undertaking, including sexual adventures. Your body practically gives you an ultimatum, and you must carefully listen to its demands. After all, if you are hungry or stuffed, if you are too hot or too cold, if the party is too loud or too boring, the very thought of sex will be unpleasant.

Luckily, you are very good at listening to your body and know your limits in every way. Generally, you acutely feel the ebbs and flows of energy and treat them as a natural occurrence that should be paid attention to. To an outsider, this peculiarity of yours may seem a bit childish and even naive, but it should actually be accepted as something natural in you, as an important and foundational personality trait. This attention to immediate experiences and sensations is incredibly valuable in sex and may bring unforgettable experiences to you and your partner.

The power of vulnerability

In search of your own brand of sexuality, you have likely tried to be more engaged and determined, thought about those who act more confidently and dazzlingly than you, and that it was precisely because of this behavior that you really liked them. But following the example of others, you often notice that this style does not really suit you. You feel fragile and vulnerable and are unable and, to be perfectly honest, even unwilling to learn to be more confident and strong. Your forte is the eroticism of submission! You tend to yield rather than press forward – and therein lies a certain kind of sexual power.

Your confidence, including your confidence in bed, tends to be more spontaneous than controlled. But if you are already aroused, if your body is turned on and knows what it wants, you can lead any partner into the abyss of passion, giving them a full sense of leadership and advantage. It is hard to resist the power of your sincere wish to be desired. When your partners take possession of you, they often fail to notice that they themselves become your captives.

What is next?

From heaven to earth

After a playful flirtation or sex, you sometimes ask yourself if things feel right. Occasionally, your self-reflections backslide into self-blame and shame. You believe that someone is judging you for your actions and that social morals do not allow you any freedom.

Comparing yourself to other people, you are too hard on yourself and criticize your behavior until you feel like an abject failure in the eyes of others. But you shouldn’t torment yourself this way because, after such rich experiences, the most important thing is to just enjoy life and not worry about what others may think about you.

Passion and prudity

You do not want to give up the pleasures of sex, but at the same time, you harshly judge yourself for being ” depraved.” Knowing that some things are unacceptable, you still disobey certain moral standards as it pleases you. Your partners may be staggered when you cycle between pursuing sexual adventures and analyzing your behavior, your disposition towards sex and introspection, and your sometimes inexplicable rejection of pleasure. This adds drama to your relationship, but it can both attract and repel.

What is next?

Moral standards and obligations

It looks like you may have consciously or unconsciously adopted a strict moral code and accepted the obligations that may restrain you in your relationships with other people. Perhaps you have contemplated and harshly judged your own sexual expressions, or, conversely, your environment and life experiences have shaped your worldview.

You may feel obligated to do various things for others, or “to atone for sins,” even if you don’t feel guilty. You may perceive your part in the sexual satisfaction of others as “work” that does not receive due recognition from your partners. You do it well, but you get neither reciprocity nor full pleasure from sex.

Strengths parties:

  • Trust in your body and natural impulses for arousal, the ability to quickly restore your energy and positive outlook when the necessary resources – sleep, food, access to nature and regular rest – are available.
  • A great store of vitality, openness to the world, sincerity and spontaneous sexuality make you an infinite source of optimism and joy for people around you.
  • The ability to be critical of your own behavior, sometimes unnecessarily, and to see yourself as others see you. The draw of inner drama.
  • Willingness to do whatever is needed, despite the internal discontent and lack of external appreciation.

Vulnerable parties:

  • The risk of being a “bird in a golden cage” – dependence on the availability of resources and the people who own them.
  • Overestimation of the influence and abilities of powerful partners. Fascination and attraction to dominant sexual partners.
  • The conflict between internal impulses – from pleasure and ecstasy to the demands of the highest moral standards. High internal tension and constant fluctuations.
  • Silent self-denigration in existing relationships, a tendency to accept the lack of appreciation on the part of others as a fact of life.


Health is your compass
Remember the sources of your physical strength and energy and take care of your health in every way possible. Your charm and sexuality do not allow for strain. Any workouts and physical activity should be gradual and organic.

 Rely on your own sense of enjoyable effort rather than on outside sources, such as advice from ambitious friends, random books, websites, or charismatic instructors. Others may indulge in long sleepless nights of partying or try shock diets, burn the candle at both ends with sex in the workplace or follow ascetic spiritual practices to achieve ecstasy.

But none of these radical approaches on the verge of exhaustion are for you! Any physical overload will take away your joy of full-fledged sexuality and may even prevent you from orgasming. If you need the help of a person of authority to recover, choose a specialist from a supportive profession, such as a family therapist or coach, who will not pressure you but will be considerate and caring. Only in an atmosphere of trust with another person will you truly feel what is good for you.

The same principle also applies to sexual relationships. Sometimes friendly sex can heal, so don’t ignore this option but also don’t feel obligated to pay for such healing with eternal devotion.

Turn your weaknesses into strengths!
Fragility and vulnerability are the flip side of the very sensitivity and sensuality that make you desirable. Develop these traits through special practices, such as pauses when you listen to your body and are aware of what is happening in order to take corrective actions. Befriend your sense of rhythm!

Perhaps the main thing for you is finding a fitting rest/activity schedule and places in nature that will give you a sense of peace, harmony, and well-being. Without such a connection, your powers will tend to dwindle. It is important to regularly come into contact with nature, of whichever diverse kind.

Wherever you are and no matter how urban or industrial your environment, take the time to contemplate the natural landscape and living plants, play with animals and spend time with simple, authentic people. Even if creating such a lifestyle takes time and money, it is worth it. You and your partners will gain access to an unforgettable erotic experience and a new quality of life full of pleasure.

Simpler and easier
When life situations or tasks seem too difficult, you may feel frustration and sadness that are not typical of you and that you may even hate.

In this state, sex can feel forced and unwelcome, and you must learn to communicate this to your partners in advance so they don’t expect you to always be positive and sexually responsive. Usually, to shake off this mood, all you need is just to get a good night’s sleep, relax, or switch to another activity. A simple walk in a beautiful place, smelling flowers and seeing trees, and a chance to be seen by approving and supportive friends or loved ones who know how sexy you really are will help you get back into your “sexual shape.”


People around you
You may see the influence of your environment as something unshakable and unchanging, and indeed, it is the people around you who set the rules of the game, including in sex, gender relations, and gender roles.

But if you feel cramped or uncomfortable inside your “social bubble,” don’t forget that you have the right to choose your environment and social circle, feed your natural drive, and get nourished by contacts with new people. It’s like breathing: each new person is like a new breath! So allow yourself to truly breathe through communication. You need people who have the gift of a positive attitude to life, those who are ready to openly admire nature, art, science, and, of course, you!

The modern pace of life often forces us to go at a breakneck speed, and you may find yourself close to panic if those around you are not aware of your needs. Be prepared also to seek support from stronger and more dependable people, ask for help. Choose a realistic amount of work, intellectual stimulation, and physical effort – always keep a stash of energy for tonight’s orgasm. Let the body’s desire for pleasure show you your limits. You will see how great that is!

Knowing yourself takes guts
To reduce self-blame, you should bravely ask yourself what challenges in life and sex you fear the most.

Are you afraid to confess your feelings to your partner? Are there barriers to a relationship due to social inequality? Not sure how to start a new relationship or overcome the first meeting awkwardness? It is important to find your key question and avoid making hasty decisions. Writing down a list of your personal worries can be terrifying, but it’s more rewarding than the usual self-judgment and frustration. Find the nerve and ask the difficult questions: this will help you overcome challenges and understand yourself better.

Document your dreams and desires
Write down what you really desire in your relationship with your partner – whether in the bedroom, in daily life, or long term.

You can be as sentimental or vulgar, as simple or complex as you wish, as long as you express everything you’ve been dwelling over for a long time. Writing and rereading what you have written speaks of your endurance and the potential to make solid decisions in your own interests. To make these desires a reality, try to prioritize, plan your steps, and act according to the plan. If you are losing focus, seek the help of a coach or therapist to get the support you need. To realize your dreams, find a steady pal – a friend or a professional who will cheer you on and help you not to give up.

The power of feedback
After you've helped or made other people happy, take the time to find out how they feel. Ask your partner if they enjoyed their time in bed with you.

 Was what you did enjoyable? You can ask questions not only with words, but also with a look, a smile, or a gesture. It is important to create a pause in your conversation, shifting from a discussion of work issues to caresses and flirting. You know how important your contribution is; don’t dwell on things that often go unnoticed. Add these pauses to find out what brings you more pleasure. This is the time when others will be able to express their appreciation of your care or otherwise react in their own manner. Their responses may be unexpected because you are not used to receiving quality feedback. But over time, your partners will learn to thank you for what you do.

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