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Your primary sexuality strength is


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Energy Passion Self-Regulation Mindfulness Energy Passion Self-Regulation Mindfulness
  • Energy
  • Passion
  • Self-Regulation
  • Mindfulness

Passion is the main source of your strength, energy, emotional uplift, and mental clarity.

Your natural creativity feeds on erotic dreams and fantasies and develops through bringing them to life.

You are at the peak of your sexual activity and need to freely express your desires with partners through sexual experimentation and admiration from others.

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Your sexuality level


Your self-regulation level


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Meet your primary strength

Sometimes, when you feel your own passion, you judge yourself and have mixed feelings about your desires. You believe that others will not approve of your sexuality, and you may find your desires unacceptable. Stereotypes, moral attitudes, and demands from figures of authority can hinder your pleasure or make you feel guilty. Don’t forget that your passion is a thing of beauty, and you deserve to be happy!

With your strong beliefs and principles, you often feel that you are underappreciated. However, you continue investing in relationships that fail to satisfy you. In sex, you feel tired and obligated instead of genuinely aroused. You know what turns you on, but these days, you are less and less likely to take risks and experiment. Your sexual life has become monotonous and predictable, and it does not arouse much interest or enthusiasm.

You attract the attention of many sexual partners, and this is important to you. However, sometimes, you suddenly lose your vigor at the peak of excitement. This can disappoint you and startle others as you are seen as a leader, a tireless party organizer, and an erotic idol. At times, it appears that your own body, emotionally overloaded, is letting you down, refusing to participate in your plans!

Feeling blissful

Bliss and joy of life – that’s your motto! You know how to enjoy sex and the world around you, and orgasm has become your shining beacon guide from the very first time. You instantly pick up the signs of arousal and know how to get your pleasure. Your imagination helps you create perfect moments of passion. Health and sexual desire become the crucial indicators of your wellbeing.

Onward to joyful adventures!

When, where and with whom to have fun?

Your thoughts revolve around these questions! You are forever looking for the perfect occasions to flirt, going to parties and meeting new people. Never forgetting about comfortable places to have sex, you find that new places only ignite your desire!

In your own eyes, you are magnificent if

You are fabulous when you feel sexually attractive. When the people you like notice and pay attention to you, it fills you with confidence and lifts your spirits. You consider this “slightly charged” emotional upsurge normal and want to keep it up in your daily life.

Why not start every morning with flight and freedom? If you rarely get to feel like this, it can cause frustration and a desire to drastically change something – find a new partner, alter the situation, move, or change jobs.

A boring life is not for you!

The drama of the fall

Your passion is encroached upon by moral doubt, self-reflection, and self-criticism. You judge yourself in terms of good and evil, nobility and depravity. But this is how you get to know yourself better and show yourself as a thinking person, even if you may be overly dramatic at times. You may be attracted to many people who are willing to share your bed, and you can be a real firecracker, an idol-level sex star. But you are not entirely certain that you are prepared to sleep with one and all.

Your exceptional personality haunts not just those around you but also yourself. Sometimes your admirers annoy you, and you want to get away from them. Still, as soon as a new seducer shows up on the horizon, you dive head-first right into the abyss of passion, forgetting all about your introspection and philosophy for the sake of a moment of pleasure. Once that has passed, you will berate yourself for your foolishness and unsuccessful attempt to reign in your sexual impulse.

Comparing yourself to others

Noticing that your personal experience is unique, you find justifications for your actions. Your obsessive self-reflection is one of the things that make you so unusual. By looking at your behavior in the context of family, religious, or community values, you will realize how exceptional your experience is.

You might even consider writing a book about it, but chances are your brilliant ideas will disappear as soon as you sit down at your desk – after all, real life and relationships are much more exciting than setting down words on a page. In reality, you likely do not have enough patience and artistic vision to write a book. Your self-judgment may even produce nasty images to temporarily keep your inner lover from embarking on new adventures, but that’s where it all ends. You can, however, share your experience with friends or divulge it to a life coach/therapist.

Passion and restraint: a heady mix

You are drawn to a combination of sex appeal and the ability to restrain one’s desires, which can deceive both inexperienced and experienced partners for a while. You can keep on a string of wealthy men and women who are looking for a serious relationship.

But if you face a choice or encounter a difficult life situation, your impulsiveness and unpredictability can get out. At such times, your insecurity, thirst for pleasure, and irrational thinking can become a problem for your partner. As a rule, more mature partners are not ready for such challenges. In intimate relationships, such tensions can be confusing because your sex appeal is extremely attractive, but your dramatic self-judgment and moral anguish rooted deep in your personality can get in the way of a real connection and chemistry.

Anticipation and erotic rebirth

Despite your experience with sex and the full understanding of what satisfies you, you have a tendency to limit your erotic repertoire. The reason for this self-imposed constraint may be the external and internal failure to recognize what you bring to the relationships with your partners. In your dealings with people who are important to you, you endeavor to maintain high moral and ethical standards, and in doing so, you are willing to wait for them to see and appreciate you.

While waiting to get what you want, you may be losing the vital emotional and physical resources needed to create a joyous, erotic mood. Your interaction with your partners tends to become formal and dull, and the intensity of passion and arousal vanishes. Remember how you used to look forward to sex and enjoy the foreplay and orgasm? If now these words annoy you, you may consider changing your lifestyle and reclaiming your sexuality.

Ran out of juice?

It appears that after everything you’ve experienced, the energy just drains out of you. Even if you look like a tireless organizer and energetic doer to the rest of the world, you know what a heavy burden this persona is to maintain.

After a well-spent party, you’re used to feeling empty and wondering if it was worth the effort. Maintaining this lifestyle just for the sake of your reputation and image, so that others would appreciate you, or to please sexual partners who are used to having you take care of everything – all this has become meaningless!

Strengths parties:

  • Vibrant sexual self-expression and allure.
  • The irresistible allure of a conflicted personality, the magnetism of restrained desire.
  • The ability to patiently do things that others overlook, including sex as a marital du.
  • Your willingness to admit that sometimes you do not have enough energy and resources to implement your plans gives others, including your sexual partners, the opportunity to show up and support you.

Vulnerable parties:

  • A tendency towards self-centeredness, fixating solely on your own pleasure in the course of your sexual adventures.
  • An extreme tension between the impulse to have pleasure right here and now and the need to be aware of yourself, your behavior, and life in general. A constant cycle of restraint and breaking loose.
  • Belittlement of your own sexual experiences, detachment in sex, and unexpressed grief.
  • Exhaustion and emptiness after well-executed sexual congress.


You are exactly where you need to be!
You pursue a free and independent lifestyle that embraces not only your sex life but also your work and life strategy. Use your ability to feel aroused and channel it for maximum pleasure.

Continue to listen to yourself and express your feelings. Your forte is your senses, your emotions, and your ability to let them out. It’s like a one-person show where the audience comes to watch a great actor perform. Don’t worry if your style isn’t perfect for everyone. What’s important is that they come, listen to you, and appreciate you. Develop your mastery and enjoy it along with others.

Cast off your shackles!
Don't let any inner and outer judges stop you from pursuing your dreams and aspirations. Open your eyes to what prevents you from having real pleasure and fight it!

Write down all the thoughts and emotions that get in the way and nip them in the bud. Know that your sexuality is not a curse but a blessing! You absolutely can rely on your inner drive and achieve what you want – you just need to believe in yourself.

A friend who inspires, and not just for sex
Do you ever feel that your dreams are not inspiring or too impractical? Unsure know how to establish your goals? Do your emotions or body fail you?

Try discussing this with a smart and successful friend or acquaintance whose opinions and experiences impress you. Who, in your opinion, has moved a step or two further towards their dream than you? Find among the older generation a friend whose image and life example inspire you. Ask meaningful questions and seek advice. Don’t be afraid to acknowledge your weaknesses and listen to critique. This will help you move forward and believe in yourself. Don’t forget that you can always come back to your own strategies and decisions.

The power of appreciation
Your self-worth does not depend exclusively on what other people have to say or do – you know how to value yourself and believe in the best.

But in sexual relationships, getting feedback from others is very important. Signs of attention, gratitude, and appreciation show you that you are cherished and surrounded by love and respect. Focus on what you do for others but don’t forget to pause briefly to praise yourself. Appreciation works wonders, and there’s nothing wrong with patting yourself on the back from time to time.

Do not rush to be distracted if others fail to notice your contribution. Stop for a moment, relax, and commend yourself in the presence of your partner. This will make them notice you and react. Gradually, you will observe how gratitude and appreciation in your life start growing. Regardless of your partner’s reaction, you will feel a marked improvement in your levels of well-being and self-confidence. And with them, playfulness, curiosity, and variety in sex will return.

When there is not enough energy, pleasure wilts
Become more self-aware in your dedication and self-sacrifice and change your exhausting lifestyle, not only for your own good but also for the things you genuinely appreciate and love.

It can be joy from spending time with friends, sparks in the eyes of a beloved partner, or a sense of unity or achievement. When you start losing energy, you cannot fully enjoy the fruits of your labor. This may sadden and disappoint your loved ones, which creates discord in the relationship, as people are not attracted to the self-giving that comes from exhaustion and does not bring pleasure.
If you are suffering for others instead of enjoying things together with them, what is the point of your contribution? It loses value and makes you a blind victim, insulting those for whom your gift was intended. Try to notice and appreciate what you bring to a relationship and create experiences that bring joy and delight.

Remember that you will always be important to your loved ones, your friends, and your colleagues, even if you stop pushing yourself so hard. Let them do things for you, or just take a break and give your body, senses, and mind a break. Don’t want to chance it? Perhaps you are used to worrying and doing something just in case. Help yourself to stop and pay attention to your body, which will always show you the limits of what’s possible, so as not to deprive you of vital life force.

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