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Your primary sexuality strength is


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Energy Passion Self-Regulation Mindfulness Energy Passion Self-Regulation Mindfulness
  • Energy
  • Passion
  • Self-Regulation
  • Mindfulness

Self-regulation is the main source of your confidence and sexual experience.

At some point, you must’ve set aside your previous adventures as they did not fit well with your work and other important life priorities.

However, in your current relationship, you have retained everything you need to have fun. The memory of past exploits is still fresh and it is quite enough for your pride and self-confidence.

You are content with yourself and manage to find time for sex, although you admit that the variety of erotic experiences has narrowed lately.

Your resource distribution chart

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Your self-regulation level


Your mindfulness level


Meet your primary strength

You often take risks, including in sex, as if something is forcing you to make choices that are not always in your favor. You may believe that living this way is only possible under specific circumstances or out of certain private convictions. However, you find it difficult to follow your desires, especially when it comes to your own pleasure and relationships with partners. Your habit of self-restraint and self-discipline helps you get things done, but it does not allow you to get as much emotional and physical enjoyment out of life as you’d like. This is why in sex, you tend to look for exhilarating pleasures that satisfy your need for extreme experiences, especially when you’re with dominant partners who know what they want.

After an exceptional experience or a fabulous performance, you sometimes feel tired and empty, which diminishes your arousal or stands in the way of your orgasm. Sometimes even a sexual fantasy does not help, and, with great annoyance, you realize that “things aren’t working.”

Such a loss of energy sometimes makes it impossible for you to actually experience pleasure. At times, you may have to choose whether to continue impressing others and maintain the intended course of your “show” (the show must go on, mustn’t it?!) or to actually enjoy yourself, which means that you need to rest, turn off the controls, and get support from others!

You will be content with very little… As long as it's the best there is

Your sexual style is linked to and, to a certain degree, is defined by your social standing. You are turned on not just by your partners’ looks or personality but also by their position in society.

Your attraction is tied to business success, wealth, family, education, and ability to manage and influence the world. Social status is your aphrodisiac! You are attracted to partners who have tangible and intangible assets, professional skills, and valuable things.

To interest you, a partner must be creating or changing something. You appreciate action, talent, and influence in various fields, whether it be art, science, sports, or volunteering. You are curious about your partner’s opinions on various topics, including sex. You do not tolerate boredom, monotony, and passivity – to you, they are indicators of foolishness.

Orgasmic selflessness

You are convinced that pleasure and joy in sex can only be achieved through complete selflessness in your relationships. You also believe that the same applies to life in general. Sometimes you deny yourself what you want, either because of internal beliefs or because of circumstances. You have learned to act without regard to your desires and preferences. You see this stance as an ascetic one, making you almost indestructible.

You are productive and socially recognized, capable of achieving practically anything. The question is, what brings you true happiness? Manifestly, self-discipline and the ability to overcome yourself brought you success. However, you are also aware of the other side of this power: you have forgotten what it is exactly that you desire.

What is next?

Ideal partner

You are attracted to brilliant and sincere people who do not hide their desires, even if they are considered taboo. You admire their strength and sexual hunger, which they freely express in society and in sex. You are ready to take a risk and embark on a relationship with a dominant partner, understanding the price of such a relationship.

The more demands and restrictions, even up to insults and pain, the more they feed your lust. You are willing to do what you don’t necessarily want to in order to access the wellspring of desire and ecstasy. In an intimate relationship with such a partner, you climax because they are excellent at roleplaying and control.

The power of scorn and the grip of the game

You appreciate the clarity of this approach, where your own desires play a secondary role, and the demands of a dominant partner are absolute. You can allow yourself to switch off and completely surrender to the other person’s control. This corresponds to your inner reality, where emotional tension finds expression in the sensations of the body, achieving the desired harmony.

In such a relationship, sex becomes both a self-punishment and the pinnacle of bliss, and your partner becomes an ecstatic deity that brings pleasure and peace. However, the risk here is that the intensity of the experience can distract you from making important decisions and affect your self-esteem and relationships with others.

What is next?

Your surges and arousal are brilliant but short-lived

Your ability to be aroused and move towards what you want is diminished. Instead of pleasure, you may experience premature ejaculation or vaginal cramps. This can be due to various factors, such as stress, lack of work/life balance, relationship problems, or challenging daily tasks that take up all your attention. Not surprisingly, your sex life may be less than perfect in such times.

The good news is that a more balanced lifestyle, support from others, and rest and recuperation can make all the difference. Sometimes it is enough to just hang out with a lovely friend or allow yourself to playfully masturbate while watching an erotic movie to improve your opinion of sex and yourself in it.

Things piling up is the opposite of sexy

By beating yourself up for your supposedly low work productivity or weakness, you undermine your self-confidence and sense of being sexually attractive. At such times, the usual high energy and drive tend to abandon you, the subject of sex can feel annoying, and the overall state of your health or lack of energy can fill you with fear and uncertainty. It seems like your self-imposed insistence on high standards, exacerbated at times by external circumstances or social circle, prevent you from perceiving the world as clearly and directly as you would like. Your strict inner judge, social conditions, or someone’s external authority demand that you take life seriously and take care of things that are so important that the burden gradually drains you.

Feeling like you’re giving in to life’s relentless demands can be poisonous. At such times you may lose touch with your sexuality, even denying yourself any joy or pleasure – not seeing friends, ignoring lovers, and not even masturbating. This is like punishing a wayward child who is not allowed candy because they didn’t do their homework. So far, you’ve been using this mechanism to drive yourself on and focus on important things instead of carelessly enjoying life.

Strengths parties:

  • High self-confidence combined with adequate self-criticism; the experience of “being loved” and the ability to naturally perceive other people’s sexual interest towards yourself.
  • A visibly submissive, accommodating demeanor that puts a partner at the forefront and makes them feel like a god makes you an unrivaled and only “beloved slave,” a worshiped victim.
  • You do not need to fake sexual coldness and detachment in order to attract a partner – you either really don’t feel much or you lose your sexual charge easily. But this can serve as an additional aphrodisiac for partners who are aroused by being snubbed.
  • Following established traditions and norms, tendency to be influenced by other people, fulfilling your duties and sticking to established norms even if it requires effort and takes a lot of energy. Inclination to serve others, potentially, unconscious self-sacrifice.

Vulnerable parties:

  • Unwitting egocentrism, a tendency to fall into the trap of power and personal importance, where, once there, you inevitably have a blind spot with respect to the real interests and needs of others.
  • The belief that making a choice that’s not in your own favor is right and mature, fundamentally dependent relationships with partners, the role of the victim as vital for achieving an orgasm.
  • Dramatic mood swings, loss of sexual desire during foreplay or during or after intercourse, inability to get aroused without special stimulants, sometimes inability to climax.
  • Decreased ability to self-regulate and manage such resources as health, money, and time.


Your erotic plans
Remember to put on your schedule not only important projects but also sex. Pleasure time is what gives meaning to everything we do.

Your business activities can sometimes overshadow your romantic meetings, and this can have a negative impact on your loved ones and yourself. Don’t risk forgetting what unbridled passion, the joy of caresses, orgasm, and emotional release feel like. Also, keep in mind that your partners may have a different sexual rhythm and different desires in sex. To resolve this potential disparity, have a playful conversation and try scheduling your dates in advance, in a calm setting. If your partner does not want to openly discuss their needs, relying instead on spontaneity, or finds conversations about intimate matters unacceptable, remember that the best impromptu events tend to be well-prepared! Ask questions, share your desires – find out about their preferences in sex, how long they like their foreplay to be, their orgasms, the things that arouse them, preferred lubricants, hygiene, fantasies, etc. It will help you better plan your trysts and create pleasure for both. A conscious approach to sex is the key to success in a couple!

Even deeper...
Let your relationship be a total bliss, not only for you but also for your partner. Sometimes we may think that just being together guarantees our partner's pleasure, especially in sex.

But let’s ask ourselves this: what do we know about our partner’s experiences when they are alone and are aroused or having an orgasm? It is good and right to talk to your partner now and then about what brings them joy or gets in the way of their climax in different situations, whether it be with us, with someone else, or alone. In sex, even with a regular partner, things shift: sexual preferences can change, and new desires may emerge. It is critical to notice these subtle changes to strengthen the bond with your partner and find even more pleasure in every situation. Together we create unforgettable moments!

Desires fulfilled, safely
Understanding your strengths and weaknesses helps you plan your pleasure. However, a relationship with an exciting partner can be risky, so a security system is needed.

 Find a partner who respects your boundaries and understands your preferences. If your sexual partner is open to talking about your fantasies, discuss with them the possibility of acting out scenarios involving dominance or submission. If your partner is unaware of your needs, offer role-playing to understand their tastes and interests. Show them films or pictures and talk over various types of pleasure.

If a partner is not interested, reach out to a professional who can help you accept your needs and learn more about yourself. You can also find communities where your games are practiced and develop relationships to achieve the desired experience. The more you learn about your sexual scenarios, the easier it will be for you to engage your loved one in a sexual experience that fits your needs and preferences.

Move your body!
You believe that your mood and the ability to climax depend on what is happening around you, but this is not always the case. Your body can get used to giving up at the most inopportune moments.

 Emotional stress and fatigue impact your sexual response. In order not to lose strength, you need to manage your emotions through movement. Start with safe gestures alone or with a professional. You will learn that similar emotions are manifested in similar gestures. This will help you relieve the tension that builds up and prevents you from enjoying sex.

Now sex will not be your only way to compensate for emotions. Once you get good at this practice, you will be able to better control your arousal and save energy to achieve orgasm.

Exploring Sensuality
As a symbol of sensuality and the foundation of life, water not only nourishes your body but also allows you to better understand your particular needs and cope with hormonal fluctuations and shifting emotions inherent in your sexual makeup.

A sip of pure water can refresh your mind and body when flirting, engaging in solo erotic experiments, or performing heroic feats during your next sex marathon. Also, taking a leak is an excellent opportunity to reconnect with your body and decide what to do next. Perhaps it is time to end the rendezvous or, on the contrary, to propose new exciting adventures to your partner? You should also closely watch what tastes and smells turn you on. What does a kiss taste like? What about different parts of your partner’s body? What about the scent of their clothes or room? How do various things look and feel?

It is also better to separate sex and fitness during your day so that you would feel the difference between the simple pleasure of toned muscles after a workout and the singing of your body from sexual pleasure. Some people lose track of this difference and fall into a habit of “mechanical” sex, just for a quick release, and it is not surprising that you tend to avoid such partners. Do not be like them – be different, be better!

Your brain is as sexy as the rest of your body!
It also needs food, sleep, activity, and rest. The brain wants excitement, which is why intellectual stimulation is part of any sex legend's training regimen!

What literature or other art forms seduce you? What makes your heart race? Is it paintings or photographs? Maybe you’re more into architecture? Does nature or urban spaces arouse you? What exactly activates your brain? Do you know what fires you up and what calms you down? Your brain is in charge of this sense of rhythm, managing your up- and downswings. It should be tasked with the job of a steerer, helping you navigate your way to happiness.

What topic can you talk about without interruption for at least 10 minutes?
Maybe it is sports and achievements? Or the romantic liaisons of the old monarchies? Are you into advertising and design or the hottest and coolest blogger, politician, or actress? These can all be sources of inspiration! Even budgeting and raising money for a new group adventure can get you turned on (not to mention that the topic of money tends to bring together a certain type of sexually charged guys and girls!).

Your brain is what makes you ready for sex – your body and the bodies of those around you are just a launching pad. Carefully watch your intellectual menu, let go of what no longer serves you, and add on some of your favorites or something entirely new and unexpected. And then invite to this “feast” and celebration those who are as excited by such topics as you are.

Share your thoughts, ask them about theirs – and immediately, you’re totally into each other! Be brave and free enough to follow the tide of your interests to new orgasms!

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