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Energy Passion Self-Regulation Mindfulness Energy Passion Self-Regulation Mindfulness
  • Energy
  • Passion
  • Self-Regulation
  • Mindfulness

Self-regulation is the main source of your confidence and sexual experience.

At some point, you must’ve set aside your previous adventures as they did not fit well with your work and other important life priorities.

However, in your current relationship, you have retained everything you need to have fun. The memory of past exploits is still fresh and it is quite enough for your pride and self-confidence.

You are content with yourself and manage to find time for sex, although you admit that the variety of erotic experiences has narrowed lately.

Your resource distribution chart

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Your sexuality level


Your self-regulation level


Your mindfulness level


Meet your primary strength

You value yourself, and this applies both to your work and your relationships with friends, sexual partners, and family. You carefully choose your partners and pay attention to the quality of your sexual relationships. People of various sexes and genders trust you and are ready to support your initiatives and leadership in a wide range of projects. You have many opportunities for intimate relationships and are respected and recognized in all your roles, including as an object of attraction and love. When your desirability is validated, you strive to be fair and reciprocate with your partners, in line with your life goals. Your prudence and attention to how your body feels help you avert multiple sexual relationships. You know that many people desire you, but you prefer a select and reliable few. You are “very nearly monogamous,” although you are aware of the interest on the part of your admirers. Flirting is natural for you in both personal and work relationships, but you do not attach too much importance to it.

From time to time, you need to escape from your daily routine and worries. At such times, things can go off track when you seek to immerse yourself in passion. Whether consciously or unconsciously, you feel like you’re not getting what you want in life and put in extra effort to get your bearings. In sex, this manifests in outbursts, resolve, and even some tension, which correspond to physical arousal. You ignore the opinions of others and are ready to express yourself brilliantly, even if it requires effort and internal struggle.

A constant need to express yourself and attract the attention of others can be exhausting. If you feel tired and running out of energy, test your ability to orgasm (through masturbation or with a caring partner). If you notice resistance or fatigue, pay more attention to yourself. After all, a decrease in sexual appetite may be a sign that you are just wasting your energy. It’s time to change your lifestyle and replenish your energy!

You will be content with very little… As long as it's the best there is

Your sexual style is linked to and, to a certain degree, is defined by your social standing. You are turned on not just by your partners’ looks or personality but also by their position in society.

Your attraction is tied to business success, wealth, family, education, and ability to manage and influence the world. Social status is your aphrodisiac! You are attracted to partners who have tangible and intangible assets, professional skills, and valuable things.

To interest you, a partner must be creating or changing something. You appreciate action, talent, and influence in various fields, whether it be art, science, sports, or volunteering. You are curious about your partner’s opinions on various topics, including sex. You do not tolerate boredom, monotony, and passivity – to you, they are indicators of foolishness.

Eroticism in business or professionalism in sex

You are at the peak of your self-realization and involved in important life and professional projects, yet sex has a special place in your value system. Your past experience in this department is quite successful, and you cherish many great memories.

You attract the attention of potential partners but often fail to notice sexual innuendo around you. Simple admiration for you has become commonplace – because isn’t it just par for the course? For you, sex has an “ancillary” role, and you know very well how to satisfy yourself. You prefer refined yet economical ways to reach a climax. Regular orgasms keep you in good form.

Sexual tension does not prevent you from doing other important things, such as advancing your career, company development, or building an impeccable reputation. Your work arouses you as much as physical pleasure. If you are ashamed to admit that your business physically arouses you, you should not be: you are one of the lucky ones who have experienced the allure of their calling.

What is next?

With whom, when, and where?

Your sex life includes a relationship with a partner, usually a committed one. If you have not yet met your mate, you have regular friendly liaisons with people who share your bed.

You establish a kind of agreement on mutual responsibility, where both parties understand and respect each other’s needs, desires, and obligations. You are ready to be responsible for your duties, but you also expect your partner to hold up their part of the bargain. One of your erotic expectations is your partner’s sincere respect for you as a person, which can be expressed through your favorite caresses and fantasies. You are delighted if your partner can guess what you want and like on their own, but if they don’t, you openly talk about your preferences.

You know how to appreciate your partner’s role in your pleasure and express gratitude through words of approval and gestures of generosity – from compliments and gifts to caring touches and selfless acts for your loved one.

Sex is always about something bigger

For you, sex is symbolic and even mystical. You understand its role in your life clearly and sometimes even a bit cynically, as a source of power and self-assertiveness.

Over time, sexual interactions take on a deeper meaning and help you better understand yourself and the world. You are constantly balancing between the desire for self-realization, influence, and publicity and the need for privacy in intimate relationships.

This is why your choice of a partner becomes especially important: this person in your life must not only share your sexual experience but also support your life strategy, sometimes playing an important role. Adults often choose a relationship model where one partner plays a supporting role and the other is a lead, or they collaborate on family and financial matters. If such a relationship is deliberate, conscious, and agreed-upon, and if it suits both partners, such a lifestyle will be fulfilling and rewarding.

What is next?

Internal conflict and the thirst for adventure

A severe internal conflict is brewing in you, rooted in your idea of the “right” way of life and how you experience it.

You feel that you are missing something in the sexual department, even if everything is going well in other aspects of your life. You are attracted to provocative people and events that will not let you rest on your laurels. Sometimes you challenge yourself, trying to catch up with others or blow the lid off. You believe all things should come to you by themselves, yet you miss the intensity of emotions. You invest in unique experiences, questionable acquaintances, and experiments to discover something new about yourself and the world.

When you find something special, your joy knows no bounds. However, you often scold yourself and regret paying the price for your pleasures. Your reputation may suffer as a result, and this risk only increases your internal tension and restraint.

New adventures and bold ideas

After a busy day, when all you want is to relax, you still feel tense and frustrated at missing new opportunities. This anxiety can push you to seek new pleasures and bold ideas.

Pay attention to the people offering you these exciting exploits – they may not be as happy as they appear. What have you not tried yet that makes you feel like you’re missing out? Your views and beliefs do not fit with the popular scenarios of orgies and extreme sex. You feel tied to the traditional ideas about sex that used to satisfy you in the past.

Now your sexual potential is looking for an outlet, without regard to your physical condition. The desire to experience pleasure prevails over your self-imposed rules, and you find yourself in situations where you don’t always choose the most suitable partners. Your actions may fall outside of your usual plans and routines. While you are young and full of energy, this may not be noticeable, and you can get away with riding the explosive energy of extreme sex or defiant demonstrations.

Your light keeps going out

After wild nights and parties, you may feel drained and in need of mending.

The sparkling emotions quickly fade, and the morning fog can be filled with headaches and lethargy. As a partner, you may feel vulnerable and insufficiently aroused, and the near-instant loss of desire can be disconcerting. You may try to fake flirting or arousal, but inside, you may start to despise yourself, all the while feeling sad, desperate, angry, or distracted.

If you want to keep up the fun, you may need extra stimulation, but it is really better for you to let yourself rest and recover, spend time with a good friend, or even playfully masturbate.

Strengths parties:

  • High self-confidence combined with adequate self-criticism; the experience of “being loved” and the ability to naturally perceive other people’s sexual interest towards yourself.
  • The ability to feel uplifted and even aroused in a work setting, which helps achieve meaningful social goals.
  • The tendency to pour a large amount of energy and resources into a vivid sexual experience, even despite your own stereotypes and limiting beliefs.
  • Having reached the hottest and brightest sensation, you almost instantly peter out, literally switching off. This is an excellent opportunity to rely on your partner, trusting them to take care of you at the most intimate moment.

Vulnerable parties:

  • Unwitting egocentrism, a tendency to fall into the trap of power and personal importance, where, once there, you inevitably have a blind spot with respect to the real interests and needs of others.
  • The risk of having close relationships turn into a formality, when a partner is reduced to a mere function.
  • An internal conflict between your beliefs about what constitutes the correct behavior and the desire to have fleshly delights; having to hack your way to pleasure through overcoming internal tension.
  • A sudden loss of sexual energy and physical strength after intercourse or during intense sexual practices.


Your erotic plans
Remember to put on your schedule not only important projects but also sex. Pleasure time is what gives meaning to everything we do.

Your business activities can sometimes overshadow your romantic meetings, and this can have a negative impact on your loved ones and yourself. Don’t risk forgetting what unbridled passion, the joy of caresses, orgasm, and emotional release feel like. Also, keep in mind that your partners may have a different sexual rhythm and different desires in sex. To resolve this potential disparity, have a playful conversation and try scheduling your dates in advance, in a calm setting. If your partner does not want to openly discuss their needs, relying instead on spontaneity, or finds conversations about intimate matters unacceptable, remember that the best impromptu events tend to be well-prepared! Ask questions, share your desires – find out about their preferences in sex, how long they like their foreplay to be, their orgasms, the things that arouse them, preferred lubricants, hygiene, fantasies, etc. It will help you better plan your trysts and create pleasure for both. A conscious approach to sex is the key to success in a couple!

Even deeper...
Let your relationship be a total bliss, not only for you but also for your partner. Sometimes we may think that just being together guarantees our partner's pleasure, especially in sex.

But let’s ask ourselves this: what do we know about our partner’s experiences when they are alone and are aroused or having an orgasm? It is good and right to talk to your partner now and then about what brings them joy or gets in the way of their climax in different situations, whether it be with us, with someone else, or alone. In sex, even with a regular partner, things shift: sexual preferences can change, and new desires may emerge. It is critical to notice these subtle changes to strengthen the bond with your partner and find even more pleasure in every situation. Together we create unforgettable moments!

Master the spicy talk!
It is vital to remember to regularly discuss your sexual relationship: how satisfied you and your partner are.

 No promises and understanding can replace open communication and mutual pleasure. Find time to talk: call, send suggestive texts, remind them of the shared moments of pleasure. Sex is a sensual pursuit; it feeds off of beautiful and romantic speech. Use words, movies, music, gifts, and gestures to fuel your and your partner’s imagination and bring on fulfillment.

Notice your partner’s signals of completion and discuss your desires. Be candid and vulnerable and listen to each other. Become the masters in communication and enjoy your sexual connection!

Recognize yourself and others
Spare no compliments and praise for people you like. Say nice things about them to seduce and build up your partner.

Practice your praises to become a master of erotic language. Learn your partner’s thinking and get to know their mindset. You are the leading actor in your sexual adventures. Receive sincere feedback from a grateful partner and get to know yourself better. Your self-confidence will be strengthened, and you will be able to achieve your life goals with more confidence!

If living in the fast lane fails to bring you joy, admit it!
Is it possible you are too serious about how brilliant and dramatic you should look in front of others? Perhaps your job as a stylist, actor, politician, or journalist requires you to take care of your appearance.

But why do you pay so much attention to competition and other people? You want to “win” not only at work but also on the dance floor, in bed – in short, everywhere! You want to show everyone that you enjoy life just as much as they do. But why do you feel anguish and scold yourself for this need? Try to figure out if the extreme pleasure style you practice or that you are offered really brings you joy. Write a “Like/Dislike” list and rank various meeting places, dates, sexual practices, etc. Eliminate the “dislikes” and do only what brings you pleasure.

Accept yourself the way you choose to be
Perhaps you may want to feel and show yourself in a new light, to be a different person, not the same as you are every day. But this does not necessarily have to be done through outrageous moves that tire and confuse you.

 Give yourself the right to be yourself – both when you’re alone and with other people. If you fall into the trap of self-blame or long-lasting resentment after your mistakes, try a writing practice. Complete the phrase “I did this by choice” and write a brief essay explaining your actions. This will help you restore your balance and self-respect, which often rely on self-understanding and self-acceptance.

If you need support to stop this cycle of self-expression/self-incrimination, turn to a wise and calm person you respect and trust. It will be great if you have an older, more experienced friend to talk to. But the best way to deal with your beliefs is to connect to a therapist or coach with whom you can openly discuss your questionable game of self-waste. If you have conflicts in your sex life, you can consult a sexologist. But usually, the vast majority of limiting beliefs come from our childhood or adolescence and can be overcome through regular psychotherapy.

In search of self-expression, be gentler on yourself
You don't have to go to a party if you are tired or out of sorts. You'd be better off resting and choosing a different way to enjoy your leisure.

You should take care of your physical strength and add regular rest periods to your daily schedule. A brief nap or meditation will help you more than trying to overcome the inner tension that prevents you from expressing yourself and attracting sexual partners. When you feel rested, arousal comes naturally and does not require any artificial boost. Pay attention to your health – and just be yourself.

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