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Your primary sexuality strength is


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Energy Passion Self-Regulation Mindfulness Energy Passion Self-Regulation Mindfulness
  • Energy
  • Passion
  • Self-Regulation
  • Mindfulness

Energy is your main source of understanding the ebbs and flows of sexual potency and you know how to follow them.

You are a lucky optimist. Your sexuality springs from the feeling of natural energy and openness to the world.

For you, sex is a natural part of life that only logically follows a healthy body’s impulse to stay alive in all situations.

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Your sexuality level


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Meet your primary strength

When you are with simple and undemanding partners, you reach an orgasm easily and naturally. But your tendency is to fall into the orbit of charismatic, influential people who end up determining your lifestyle and activities. As soon as you are confronted with the high or unattainable demands of a figure of authority, whether in a personal or work context, your energy quickly vanishes. It is easier for you if the one who plays the leading role in the relationship directly states what needs to be done and then holds your hand and supports you as you follow their instructions. This role of a supportive teacher is easier for you to digest. But more often than not, in the presence of such a partner, you feel like a defenseless child. Your optimism evaporates, and sexual pleasure is out of the question because you just want to get away.

From time to time, you need to escape from your daily routine and worries. At such times, things can go off track when you seek to immerse yourself in passion. Whether consciously or unconsciously, you feel like you’re not getting what you want in life and put in extra effort to get your bearings. In sex, this manifests in outbursts, resolve, and even some tension, which correspond to physical arousal. You ignore the opinions of others and are ready to express yourself brilliantly, even if it requires effort and internal struggle.

Ultimately, erotic fullness and a sense of flirting with life help you navigate the stormy seas of social interactions and make the best choices in work and personal life. A long time ago, you have learned that at the root of every right decision for you is a feeling or anticipation of pleasure and a slight prick of excitement or arousal – these are your signs that everything is going as it should. You use the same principle to determine if a partner is right for you: if you are receiving these signals, you can safely move in the chosen direction, because you know it will be best for everyone. Your sexual style can be somewhat assertive and even categorical, provided you have sufficient physical strength and emotional energy. When you know what you want, you simply forge ahead toward your goal, and most of the time, your partners cannot resist your persuasiveness.

Your physical resource is everything to you!

You may have noticed how much your sexuality as well as your actions and moods depend on your physical strength, health, and the level of energy.

If you believe that this is true for all people, you are not entirely correct. In your case, the wellbeing of your body is a prerequisite for any undertaking, including sexual adventures. Your body practically gives you an ultimatum, and you must carefully listen to its demands. After all, if you are hungry or stuffed, if you are too hot or too cold, if the party is too loud or too boring, the very thought of sex will be unpleasant.

Luckily, you are very good at listening to your body and know your limits in every way. Generally, you acutely feel the ebbs and flows of energy and treat them as a natural occurrence that should be paid attention to. To an outsider, this peculiarity of yours may seem a bit childish and even naive, but it should actually be accepted as something natural in you, as an important and foundational personality trait. This attention to immediate experiences and sensations is incredibly valuable in sex and may bring unforgettable experiences to you and your partner.

There is always someone more "adult" out there

In your ideas about life, you are guided by the people you consider more experienced and wise. Usually, these are your relatives or people you’ve known for a while and consider an ultimate authority. Your understanding of the matters of sex also relies on their influence: openness or resistance to sexual experience, standards of beauty or interpretation of decency, etc.

Even if you are not all that much younger, and sometimes even older than others, there is always someone around you who you see as a “pro” in sex. Your own sexual experience seems to you insufficient to have a decisive opinion in such a delicate matter. Overall, you view yourself as a somewhat naive and romantic individual who lacks the courage to realize most of their erotic fantasies. You are afraid of public opinion regarding sexual behavior and would not want to be under the scrutiny of someone older and more influential, even if you have done nothing wrong.

Who is in your immediate orbit? If your sexual partner tends to dominate, you submit to them without any pushback, even though you may feel a loss of energy and power in such a relationship. Whether your partner’s demands are in the realm of sex, work, or household chores, you tend to go into a tailspin, feeling ashamed and trying, unsuccessfully, to gather your thoughts and feelings in order to meet the criteria that are not entirely clear to you. From such a partner, you expect both mercy and punishment, constantly trying to anticipate their desires in order to avoid their anger or judgment. If your partner is not so powerful as to terrify you, your arousal comes back as soon as you rest and relax.

For your body to awaken to pleasure, you need tenderness and peace. You are satisfied with completely innocent caresses and light touches. Pushiness and pressure can easily extinguish your “mood,” while romanticism and erotica, in contrast, can generate an unbridled passion. However, in this case, you may worry about how appropriately and “decently” you behave in bed. Shyness seems to be your constant companion and part of your image.

What is next?

Internal conflict and the thirst for adventure

A severe internal conflict is brewing in you, rooted in your idea of the “right” way of life and how you experience it. You feel that you are missing something in the sexual department, even if everything is going well in other aspects of your life. You are attracted to provocative people and events that will not let you rest on your laurels. Sometimes you challenge yourself, trying to catch up with others or blow the lid off. You believe all things should come to you by themselves, yet you miss the intensity of emotions. You invest in unique experiences, questionable acquaintances, and experiments to discover something new about yourself and the world.

When you find something special, your joy knows no bounds. However, you often scold yourself and regret paying the price for your pleasures. Your reputation may suffer as a result, and this risk only increases your internal tension and restraint.

New adventures and bold ideas

After a busy day, when all you want is to relax, you still feel tense and frustrated at missing new opportunities. This anxiety can push you to seek new pleasures and bold ideas. Pay attention to the people offering you these exciting exploits – they may not be as happy as they appear. What have you not tried yet that makes you feel like you’re missing out? Your views and beliefs do not fit with the popular scenarios of orgies and extreme sex. You feel tied to the traditional ideas about sex that used to satisfy you in the past.

Now your sexual potential is looking for an outlet, without regard to your physical condition. The desire to experience pleasure prevails over your self-imposed rules, and you find yourself in situations where you don’t always choose the most suitable partners. Your actions may fall outside of your usual plans and routines. While you are young and full of energy, this may not be noticeable, and you can get away with riding the explosive energy of extreme sex or defiant demonstrations.

What is next?

You know how to pick the right direction

You have learned to make decisions based on what pleases and suits you. When you trust your intuition, you are often lucky – both in relationships and in sex. A decision about a partner made on the fly – whether to come closer or pull back, to agree or decline to have sex – most of the time turns out to be the right one.

This skill is crucial in almost all areas of life, from the choice of clothes, places for dates, relaxation and flirting, to the life-work balance. This is how you are able to maintain enough energy and strength for pleasure, which makes you a very hot and attractive partner. You can restrain your sexual impulses in order to end up with more pleasure, avoid unnecessary risks, or cool someone’s passions. Thanks to this, you can add new experiences to your sexual repertoire as it becomes more varied and exciting.

Your self-esteem and mood depend on the approval of others. You often check for signs of attention from people you find attractive in order to feel confident and be in a good mood. To you, this feels perfectly normal. Flirting is a great way for you to maintain high spirits in your daily life.

Take the initiative in sex? Why not?

Both in work and in life, you make decisions quickly and confidently, and that attracts other people to you. You also notice potential sexual partners and give them the opportunity to take the first step. Is this flirting? Of course! You pay attention to other people through sexual pursuits, even though it doesn’t always end in sex. In intimate matters, you are observant and cautious, always wanting to make sure that your potential partner wants the same thing as you. When you decide to go for intimacy, you never look back and get the most pleasure out of it.

If something is not working, you do not criticize yourself but boldly forge ahead. You prefer long-term relationships, but you also enjoy nonsexual friendships. If and when you need such a relationship, you go out in search of them. When you find a suitable partner, you check to see their sexual potential to make sure you are compatible in this vital area. If not, you find a different relationship format.

Strengths parties:

  • Vibrant sexual expression and attractiveness
  • The ability to make choices in favor of your desires and follow them in practice
  • The ability to passionately experience the moment and lead others in the direction of enjoyment

Vulnerable parties:

  • Feeling exhausted or suddenly losing energy during your sexual adventures and/or work projects`
  • There may be uncertainty about the significance of your role in relationships with partners, often the need for their leading role in order to complete the enterprises initiated by you and even achieve orgasm
  • Reduced ability to self-regulate, manage resources of health, money and time

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