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Your primary sexuality strength is


only 12% can boast of this

Energy Passion Self-Regulation Mindfulness Energy Passion Self-Regulation Mindfulness
  • Energy
  • Passion
  • Self-Regulation
  • Mindfulness

Passion is the main source of your strength, energy, emotional uplift, and mental clarity.

Your natural creativity feeds on erotic dreams and fantasies and develops through bringing them to life.

You are at the peak of your sexual activity and need to freely express your desires with partners through sexual experimentation and admiration from others.

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Your sexuality level


Your self-regulation level


Your mindfulness level


Meet your primary strength

Sex seems to be the main thing that appeals to you in life these days. Only something absolutely new and unexplored that fires up your imagination in other areas – a journey, a dazzling social accomplishment, or public recognition – can distract you from the temptation of having sex right this second! You satisfy your needs boldly and without hesitation – and this is precisely what you need at the moment.
Friends are often astonished by your sexual pursuits, vivid imagination, the sheer number of people you know, and the variety of experiences. Your inherent courage and daring may sometimes frighten the less experienced and more fragile partners and casual acquaintances. But you are happy to know that you are seen as an extraordinary person.

Everyone wants to work with you! You are surrounded by trust and eagerness to support your initiatives and leadership in any project. In the romantic department, you have no shortage of willing partners. You are pleased to know that you are appreciated and loved. However, you are careful and attentive to your body’s sensations, and this tendency helps you avoid promiscuity. You know that you are attracted to many people, but you only choose reliable and unique partners. One can say that you are “”virtually monogamous,”” although you can sometimes be tempted by your admirers. For you, flirting is essential to both personal and work relationships.

You have learned to end the relationships that have become irrelevant and accept the need to part company as a relief, and the dissatisfaction of lovers as just a necessary evil.

Feeling blissful

Bliss and joy of life – that’s your motto! You know how to enjoy sex and the world around you, and orgasm has become your shining beacon guide from the very first time. You instantly pick up the signs of arousal and know how to get your pleasure. Your imagination helps you create perfect moments of passion. Health and sexual desire become the crucial indicators of your wellbeing.

Onward to joyful adventures!

When, where and with whom to have fun?

Your thoughts revolve around these questions! You are forever looking for the perfect occasions to flirt, going to parties and meeting new people. Never forgetting about comfortable places to have sex, you find that new places only ignite your desire!

What is next?

In your own eyes, you are magnificent if

You are fabulous when you feel sexually attractive. When the people you like notice and pay attention to you, it fills you with confidence and lifts your spirits.

You consider this “slightly charged” emotional upsurge normal and want to keep it up in your daily life. Why not start every morning with flight and freedom? If you rarely get to feel like this, it can cause frustration and a desire to drastically change something – find a new partner, alter the situation, move, or change jobs.

A boring life is not for you!

You know how to pick the right direction

You have learned to make decisions based on what pleases and suits you. When you trust your intuition, you are often lucky – both in relationships and in sex. A decision about a partner made on the fly – whether to come closer or pull back, to agree or decline to have sex – most of the time turns out to be the right one. This skill is crucial in almost all areas of life, from the choice of clothes, places for dates, relaxation and flirting, to the life-work balance.

This is how you are able to maintain enough energy and strength for pleasure, which makes you a very hot and attractive partner. You can restrain your sexual impulses in order to end up with more pleasure, avoid unnecessary risks, or cool someone’s passions. Thanks to this, you can add new experiences to your sexual repertoire as it becomes more varied and exciting.

What is next?

You are all about sexual leadership

You make decisions quickly and attract other people with your creativity and independence, which makes you a ringleader in the realm of sex. You tend to be the instigator in group sex, sexual triangles, and other fun games. But be prepared that while some may admire you, others may judge you. You feel free to choose whatever you want and to walk away from situations you don’t like. If there is a conflict, you simply write it off as a difference of interests and boldly move on.

Find your "the one" and relax – or never get a chance to relax

When choosing a partner, you are looking to have your sexual needs taken into account to gain maximum pleasure. Experiments, fast responses, and the ability to fully express yourself are vital to you. You find shyness and indecision annoying, but you are ready to help your partner open up. Although you enjoy multiple sexual encounters, you are also looking for a long-term relationship. So when a suitable candidate shows up, you test their sexual potential to make sure everything is just right.

Sexual priorities

Sex is as important to you as successful work and recognition in society. You are diligently honing your skills to achieve the best results so that every person in your bed can climax. You know how to separate your feelings and pleasure from what your partner contributes to bring joy to you and enjoy their own moment.

You like to evaluate yourself and your partners in order to be at your best and maintain their dignity and ability to deliver pleasure. You enjoy admiration and love to hear your partner’s glowing reviews of their pleasure: it gives you confidence and power in the bedroom and a sense of triumph and enjoyment during the climax.

Your romance style

You do not hide your erotic preferences and love stories, but you do maintain a certain level of privacy about your sex life. Unlike your public life, where image and reputation are important, in an intimate relationship, you need the freedom to express yourself and a safe place for experiments. You know how to keep things close to your chest. Recognizing your effect on potential partners, you are more interested in making the right choices or walking away if a relationship does not bring you joy.

These days, you are training yourself to take your time when choosing a partner. You know for sure that you are loved, possibly by several people. Now it’s important to figure out who you really love. Who do you want to see next to you when you wake up in the morning? Is there someone who not only arouses your body but also warms your heart?

Sex is always about something bigger

For you, sexual intercourse is symbolic and even somewhat mystical. You acknowledge its role in your life clearly, if not a bit cynically, seeing it as a source of power and self-assertiveness.

Over time, sexual interactions take on a deeper meaning and help you understand yourself better. You know exactly how a relationship can change after the first night together and how it will evolve should you decline today or accept tomorrow. Many may see this as mundane or unromantic, but you trust your intuition to keep the relationships you want and avoid those you don’t.

Besides, your hunches about your partners are usually confirmed in reality. You know how to end a relationship if you must, but at the moment, you are more interested in the game itself and the evolution of partners in a couple.

The savor of silence

You have learned to appreciate the time of solitude and gaps between meetings. For you, sex requires pause, rest, and enjoyment. You are becoming a connoisseur and appreciate partners who share your philosophy of pleasure. Ending relationships and leaving partners is important to you, and you find a certain beauty in the process.

You remember past relationships with warmth and share stories about them with friends. This brings you happiness and peace, as if you are revisiting your childhood and its familiar fairy tales. Slowing down and enjoying things brings you joy, without overwhelming.

Strengths parties:

  • Vibrant sexual self-expression and allure.
  • The ability to make choices that satisfy your desires and follow them in practice.
  • Certainty that you are loved “by definition” and willingness to seek someone to whom your heart will belong.
  • You have learned to end relationships that have outlived their usefulness and accept the need to part as a relief, and the dissatisfaction of lovers as just a necessary evil.

Vulnerable parties:

  • A tendency towards self-centeredness, fixating solely on your own pleasure in the course of your sexual adventures.
  • Narrowmindedness and conventionalism in the choice of partners, tendency to focus on external markers of success and common social standards of beauty.
  • Tendency to overlook potential partners who may not meet certain “quality standards” and the fear of stopping the search and giving away your heart, i.e., moving from sexual experiments to a deeper relationship.
  • Sooner or later, all your activities end with rest and recuperation, when your main goal is to regain your strength, so you don’t have the time to think about business or sexual adventures.


You are exactly where you need to be!
You pursue a free and independent lifestyle that embraces not only your sex life but also your work and life strategy.

Use your ability to feel aroused and channel it for maximum pleasure. Continue to listen to yourself and express your feelings. Your forte is your senses, your emotions, and your ability to let them out. It’s like a one-person show where the audience comes to watch a great actor perform. Don’t worry if your style isn’t perfect for everyone. What’s important is that they come, listen to you, and appreciate you. Develop your mastery and enjoy it along with others.

Show people the provocative power of sensuality
You inspire others with the courageous display of your feelings, so you can rightly consider yourself a leader, especially when it comes to sexual experimentation.

But your ingenuity also applies to other areas of life, such as projects, teamwork, and social contributions. Use your energy and talent to make everything you touch more interesting and inspiring. Find like-minded people who share your passion and avoid killjoys that quash your positivity. Be open to new experiences and people but do not get discouraged if they turn out not to be a perfect match. Demonstrate your superiority and create a circle of influence around you that attracts compatible friends and repels spoilsports.

Ride the waves of sexual enjoyment!
You delight in the acceptance, excitement, and love that surround you. Live these moments to the fullest and appreciate the opportunities offered to you.

 Notice how your sexual preferences are becoming more selective. You know precisely what you want in sex and from your partners. What kinds of experiments attract you? And which don’t, at least not now? Be ready to stop and open up for new adventures.

If you let slip an opportunity you later regret, write it down in your diary. If your interest persists, there will always be time to experience what you’ve missed. In this way, you will learn to distinguish between the important and the secondary in the pleasure arena, and your self-esteem will only be strengthened when you follow your own decisions.

Praise and confidence
Do not spare compliments and enthusiastic words for those you truly value. Get in the habit of offering praise not only before sex but also after, to express gratitude to your partner for the pleasure they gave you.

Practice it like an athlete and watch the smile and fire in your partner’s eyes, which shows your command of sexual language. Gradually, you will become adept at mastering the central organ of arousal, your partner’s brain, which controls their body and emotions. The secret is that the main character that interests you in all your sexual adventures is yourself. Listen to the sincere comments of those who see you for who you are and are willing to speak openly about it. A grateful and appreciative sexual partner is the best source of knowledge about yourself! Take advantage of this, strengthen your faith in yourself, and proceed to accomplish your life goals with confidence.

A confusing sexual attraction
Sometimes you are attracted to partners that may fall outside of strictly normal. Flaws and eccentricities, even follies and unsightliness, can attract your interest and bring on arousal and affection.

Explore your preferences and reactions as your attention wanders and arousal ebbs and flows. You are stirred by the unique combinations of other people’s appearance, personality, voice, speech, lifestyle, and decisions. How they sit, stand, breathe, climax, express emotions, or ask for forgiveness – all this affects how you feel when you are around them. At some point, you notice how you feel about this partner and decide whether to stay or leave.

The heart is calmer
Now you can listen to yourself for longer, without chasing everyone who comes in sight!

Notice that flirting can replace actual sex and deliver a lot of advantages in friendships and social connections without pointless expectations. It is not necessary to always have an orgasm to enjoy contact with people. Pause for a minute and enjoy the goings on. You may not even want to have just ordinary sex. These days, the decision not to seek sexual release brings more joy and satisfaction. This opens up the prospects of rich and mutually beneficial, robust, and joyful relationships with many people, and this means freedom from unnecessary obligations.

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